Analysis of Deterioration Causes of Asphalt Pavement
September 1, 2022

Deterioration of construction asphalt pavements is natural as the materials that make up asphalt begin to decompose over time, affected by factors such as rain, sunlight and chemicals that come into contact with the pavement. The liquid asphalt binder, which acts as the "binder" of the pavement, begins to lose its resistance to water, allowing it to penetrate into and under the pavement. Once this happens, the surface can fall to many different types of deterioration.


Deterioration of asphalt pavements can also be a factor in premature deterioration due to beyond normal wear and tear. Premature aging of asphalt pavements is often caused by construction failure or human error. This may be due to several factors:
1. Insufficient or improperly compacted base layer beneath the asphalt
2. Excessive or insufficient asphalt compaction
3. Inappropriate asphalt temperature during construction
4. Poor drainage