Problems to be solved in construction management of road construction machinery
January 7, 2023
It is undeniable that the emergence of modern large-scale road construction machinery has brought great changes to our society and life, and has changed our lives in many ways. It not only improves the quality and efficiency of work, reduces the consumption of raw materials, but also saves a lot of labor. However, in delivering these benefits it also brought us some problems.

Next, we will explain this problem in detail. We need to prepare a lot of money to purchase these large road construction machinery products, so we need to make a lot of investment in the early stage. We all know that in modern society, this kind of equipment with scientific technology, powerful performance and complex structure is often expensive, so the one-time investment is huge, accounting for 70% to 80% of the total amount of fixed assets, and the expenditure is relatively large.


1. In the daily operation process, it still needs to spend a lot of money to maintain normal operation. After we purchase the road construction machinery, in order to make it perform effectively, we need to continue to invest in the long-term use process, including the cost of replacement parts, inspection and repair, etc. These are also a lot of investment.
2. During the operation, due to some abnormal problems, the road construction machinery will suddenly stop, which will bring huge losses. Because the equipment has a large workload and high production efficiency, once a failure causes a shutdown, it will seriously affect the quality of the project and the construction period, and it will also cause waste of materials. Therefore, in the management process, we also need to solve the problems of equipment maintenance and overhaul to maintain a high stability.
3. We need to optimize the existing configuration system as much as possible according to the actual situation.