Why is Colored Asphalt Popular?
September 9, 2022
Used to seeing black asphalt, have you ever thought that asphalt can be colored? Well coordinated architectural art, and can play the role of beautifying the city and inducing traffic, increasing the image and function of the city, showing the modern urban style and charm.
Asphalt is one of the main materials for road construction, and now non-ferrous asphalt has emerged as the times require. With the continuous progress of scientific and technological research, it has gradually begun to replace the traditional black asphalt. So why is colored asphalt more popular?
1. Bright and anti-attenuation, more stable at high and low temperature

The high-quality colored asphalt is bright in color, because the colored pavement layer adopts colored emulsified asphalt and liquid SBS, and in order to effectively avoid the color attenuation of the pavement layer caused by road wear, the colored asphalt equipment also uses natural colored anti-skid stone materials. Colored asphalt can be mixed with different proportions of modifiers according to engineering needs to ensure better high temperature stability and low temperature crack resistance of the pavement layer under different conditions.


2. Long maintenance cycle, safe and anti-seepage
When the colored asphalt is laid, the pavement layer is not easy to cause looseness and pit disease, and the durability is doubled and extended compared with the ordinary asphalt pavement layer. High wear-resistant natural colored non-slip aggregate is used, and the pavement layer has good wear resistance and can maintain good long-term anti-slip performance, which is conducive to driving safety and outdoor sports venues.
3. Environmental protection, zero pollution, short construction period
Different from the hot mix asphalt process, colored asphalt can be constructed at room temperature without the volatilization of harmful gases, and there is no noise during the construction process, which is more conducive to ecological and environmental protection. In addition, the construction speed of the colored asphalt equipment is fast, and the construction can be opened to traffic in two or three days, so the construction period of the entire road surface is very short.
This is why the colored asphalt is more popular than ordinary black asphalt, and the main reason for better use now is the pursuit of high efficiency, high quality and high return rate, and colored asphalt equipment undoubtedly occupies these advantages, not only the material is non-toxic and non-toxic It will not pollute and harm the environment and human body, and the construction period is short, and the construction cost is less, so it is better to use than ordinary asphalt products.
Since its inception, colored asphalt has been loved by the broad masses of the people. Colored asphalt pavements are usually seen in lush urban areas, or in some residential areas, or in beautiful parks and scenic spots. In some developed cities, colored asphalt equipment pavements are used as bus lanes to increase driving speed.