Bitumen Sprayer
Asphalt Spray media: can spray emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt and so on.

Uniform Spreading

Quantitative Spraying

Width control: sprinkle width can be freely adjusted.

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We provide variety of bitumen sprayer with different asphalt tank volume and spray width. They all adopt world-renowned brand components and own proprietary technology, The practice has proven that the machine has steady and reliable performance.

The main functions of intelligent asphalt spreading equipment:

1. Intelligent control: The spray operation control can be completed in the cab, the touch screen sets the spray amount, and the rear operation platform is provided. The amount of sprinkling can be controlled manually or automatically.

2.Quantitative spraying: The spraying process is controlled by the microcomputer from time to time, the pump speed is synchronized with the vehicle speed.

3.Width control: sprinkle width can be freely adjusted, unique nozzle design, can be manually controlled separately, the maximum spray width of up to 6 meters.

4.Uniform spreading: The unique nozzle design can be used for three overlapping spraying, and the spraying amount is very uniform within the range of 0.4-2KG/m2.

5.Convenient maintenance: After the spraying, the asphalt pump and nozzle do not need to be cleaned with diesel. The high-pressure air is used to press the asphalt in the pipeline and the spray pipe back to the tank, and then the oil passage and nozzle are purged.

6.Free configuration: The equipment is self-contained and the selected chassis must have low speed stability (3-8 km/h). Can also be customized according to the customer's existing vehicles, hoisting structure, can achieve a multi-purpose vehicle, saving investment for customers.

7.Spray media: can spray emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt and so on.