What are the classifications of road maintenance ?

Maintain roads and structures and facilities on the roads, maintain road performance as much as possible, restore damaged parts in time, ensure safe, comfortable, and unobstructed driving, and save transportation costs and time; adopt correct technical measures to improve project quality and extend road use Years, postpone the reconstruction time.

The overhaul project is mainly the reconstruction of the line and engineering facilities and the overhaul of the road surface.


Reconstruction of routes and engineering facilities Renovate or expand routes, structures and facilities of original technical standards to improve the usability of roads.

Pavement overhaul refers to a project that cannot be solved by general maintenance methods. The main purpose is:

1. Improve road leveling;

2. Extend road life;

3. Improve road smoothness;

4. Renovation and reinforcement of bad road sections at the base level;

5. Improve drainage, etc.

The technical content includes: renovation, overlay and recycled asphalt pavement etc.; recycled asphalt pavement is divided into two types: insitu compound mixing and centralized plant mixing.


Due to the increasing importance of pavement maintenance, in recent years, a pavement management system has been created to collect road condition information using systematic engineering methods, determine the cause of road damage, and choose the most effective plan for maintenance and overhaul in order to achieve the purpose of maintaining a good road with less money.