Main points and application of slurry seal technology
Nov. 05th,2020

Appropriate maintenance measures are important means to prolong the life of roads and improve the technical status of roads. Highway preventive maintenance refers to taking appropriate repair measures (micro-surface, fiber gravel, fine anti-slip layer and slurry seal layer, etc.) to the pavement with intact structure to achieve the purpose of delaying road damage and improving the function of the road surface . The slurry seal technology is a kind of preventive maintenance. It has the advantages of significantly improving road surface smoothness and water permeability, increasing its wear resistance and anti-skid performance, and has been widely used in highway maintenance projects in my country.


Characteristics of slurry seal technology

The slurry seal technology is a maintenance method developed from the construction of asphalt pavements, but the difference is that it uses emulsified asphalt instead of the traditional ordinary hot asphalt. The slurry seal technology has the following characteristics.

(1) High strength and durability

In the slurry seal, the mineral material in the mixture is required to be very fine, which is close to the hot-mix fine-grained asphalt concrete. After the slurry mixture is formed, its strength and durability are far better than the general asphalt mixture.

(2) Strong combination with road surface

The slurry seal layer has lower requirements on the road conditions, because the slurry itself can easily penetrate into the gaps and achieve a close integration with the road surface.

(3) High bonding force between asphalt and mineral material

When emulsified asphalt is stirred, cations will be added appropriately, which will make the asphalt particles have a positive charge, while the mineral material is negatively charged, and they can attract each other and be firmly combined.

(4) Easy to use and wide application range

If a slurry seal is required in some smaller areas and professional construction machinery cannot be used, it is also possible to directly use manual spreading. The repair of pots and cracks can be dealt with with some simple equipment, and the transportation of emulsified asphalt It is more convenient and can be taken to remote areas without special material making sites, so it is very convenient to use and has a wide range of applications.

(5) Energy saving and environmental protection

In traditional diluted asphalt, gasoline content can account for up to

The gasoline content of the emulsified asphalt used in the slurry seal technology is only 1%, which greatly saves energy and protects the environment.