The development history and future technology trend of asphalt distributor truck
October 28th,2020

Asphalt distributors have a history of more than 100 years since their birth. In the 1950s, my country initially introduced skills to produce asphalt distributors from the Soviet Union. The development process can be roughly divided into three stages, namely the introduction of imitation and improvement. The period of advancement and innovation and intellectual creation. In the future, the asphalt distributor will develop in the direction of serialization, individualization and intelligence.

Since the beginning of the new century, international technical exchanges have been further strengthened, the promotion and application of hydraulic technology and control technology, the advancement and popularization of electronic technology and measurement technology have provided technical and material guarantees for the development of intelligent asphalt distributors in our country. The performance of the type asphalt distributor is improving day by day, and the level of intelligence is constantly improving.


Compared with traditional asphalt distributors, intelligent asphalt distributors can actively adjust the amount of asphalt distribution at any time according to the user's operating conditions. Because of its high spreading accuracy, intelligent control, simple operation, low failure rate, simple repair, and can meet the technical requirements of high-grade pavement asphalt spreading, traditional manufacturers have been further developed in this period, and many have emerged together. New companies enter this industry.

Internationally, due to different road construction conditions and different processes in various countries, the planning ideas of asphalt distributors are also different, and the structure and performance of asphalt distributors are also very different. Large-scale road construction in developed countries has been basically completed, and the road network has been perfected. In recent years, there have been few new types of asphalt distributors. From the overall domestic perspective, the level of asphalt spreading skills is rapidly improving. Except for some of the traditional products used for road maintenance, most of them are gradually being replaced by intelligent asphalt spreaders.

Large-scale highway construction requires large-capacity asphalt distributors to reduce the number of asphalt distributors returning to the warehouse during construction and improve work efficiency. In the future, there will be more and more tank capacity series of asphalt distributors, and the tank capacity of large-scale asphalt distributors will reach more than 15,000L.

Spreading width serialization

Independent or grouped control of nozzles is a necessary function of modern asphalt distributors. In the future, the spreading width of mainstream asphalt distributors will reach 2.4-6m. Within the maximum spreading width, the actual spreading width can be set on site as needed.