What does road maintenance include?
October 17, 2022
1. Routine maintenance and repair of roads. Including finishing road shoulders, dredging side ditches, clearing weeds, repairing potholes, trimming flowers and plants, greening, cleaning signs, etc.
2. Repair of damaged pavement.
3. The occurrence of disasters is the maintenance of the road surface.

4. Greening and sanitation work on both sides of the road.


Road maintenance is the regular maintenance, repair, prevention and repair of catastrophic damage to ensure the normal use of roads, as well as reinforcement, improvement and additions to improve the quality of use and service levels.
The purpose of road maintenance is: (1) to ensure safe, comfortable and smooth driving. ⑵, to extend the service life of the road. (3) Improve the disaster resistance of roads. ⑷. Improve the use quality and service level of roads, and improve maintenance technical standards.