What should be paid attention to in asphalt pavement construction?
October 10, 2022
1. The normal paving temperature of asphalt is 130-140 degrees, and the rolling temperature should not be lower than 70 degrees, otherwise there will be white materials. If the mixture exceeds 200 degrees, it cannot be used. In addition, the transportation time of asphalt is more than half an hour, and it needs to be covered with tarpaulin.

2. After the asphalt is paved, initial pressure should be carried out, which can be rolled with a light roller. Note that the direction of the rolling route cannot be changed without authorization to avoid displacement, and the flatness and road crowns should also be checked, which needs to be trimmed.


3. Then use a road roller to roll it in stages to achieve a certain degree of compaction. The final pressure is to be rolled with a tire roller after recompression, which can eliminate wheel traces. Note that during the rolling, the road roller cannot stop or turn at will.
4. After the asphalt construction, initial maintenance can be carried out. During the initial traffic, the speed limit of the vehicle should be below 15km/h, and a special person will direct the traffic to control the vehicle in the way of first two sides and then the middle. If the road surface is oily, caulking material should be added.