What are the disadvantages of asphalt pavement?
December 23, 2022
Disadvantage 01: The cost of asphalt pavement is relatively high.
The construction of a highway requires a huge investment, so once the construction starts, it must be ensured that the highway can be used normally for 15-20 years without major repairs. There are strict requirements for asphalt, and the asphalt used cannot be fake or shoddy products, and high-quality asphalt materials must be selected.

High-quality asphalt materials need to be bought at a high price, so the cost of the entire asphalt pavement will naturally be more expensive than that of cement pavement.


Disadvantage 02: Asphalt is easy to "melt" at high temperature, and the body is easily stained with asphalt.
In some places, the quality of asphalt used to build roads may not be very good, so in hot and high temperature weather, the asphalt on the road will melt, and the car will inevitably be stained with asphalt during driving.
Originally, asphalt is a material with particularly strong adhesion. Whether it is on the skin or on the car, it is difficult to wash it off with water without relying on special materials, so it is not as good as cement pavement for car owners.
Disadvantage 03: Asphalt pavement has certain pollution, which is not conducive to environmental protection.
Asphalt is harmful to the human body, because it is a toxic chemical product, especially when paving roads, the gas emitted by the hot asphalt is harmful to the human body, and it is easy to cause cancer if smelled for a long time.
Therefore, at high temperatures, the air pollution produced by asphalt may be more serious than automobile exhaust, which is not conducive to environmental protection.