What are the uses of colored asphalt?
December 16, 2022
1. Convenient traffic management
Colored non-skid pavement is widely used in Europe to remind road users which part of the road he can use at which time. This is useful in managing different classes of road users and providing separate lanes for different users.

Colored anti-skid pavements are widely used in Europe to provide a separate lane for special road users, such as bus lanes dedicated to public transport, bicycle lanes, small motor lanes, dedicated to emergency services and electronic toll collection for VIP card holders station lane.


2. Prevent traffic accidents/anti-slip
The color anti-skid system has excellent anti-skid properties. The direct effect is to greatly reduce the braking distance and prevent traffic accidents. Especially in rainy weather, it can eliminate the hidden dangers caused by the water film phenomenon to road safety.
In addition, car skidding and sideslips are significantly reduced when using on sharp turns and slopes. This system is especially suitable for areas where rapid speed reduction is required, such as overpasses, expressway entrances and exits, and adjustments before and after road tollbooths.
3. Traffic deceleration reminder
Colored asphalt pavement is distinguished by color on some speed bumps.
This distinction is very useful. It can effectively reduce traffic violations and increase traffic safety.
4. Absorb noise and beautify the environment
The popularity of colored asphalt pavement can greatly change the image of the city and reflect the characteristics of the city. Not only reflected in the changes in the appearance of the city, but also in the changes in the urban living environment.
It can reduce urban noise pollution, because the colored asphalt pavement has a good sound absorption effect, which can effectively improve the phenomenon of car noise on the road.