How to choose the construction material of emulsified asphalt head layer?
August 11, 2022
The penetration layer is the interlayer treatment process between the surface layer and the base layer of the general pavement. Its function is to improve the bonding performance of the fine materials in the aggregate on the surface of the base layer; the base layer after the penetration molding of the penetration layer oil is obtained It forms a deep waterproof layer; it strengthens the protection of the base layer, etc.

There are several main categories of materials suitable for permeable layer construction: ordinary emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt and high-permeability emulsified asphalt. What we are going to talk about today is the effect of high permeability emulsified asphalt on the penetration layer.


The construction specification requires that the permeable layer oil needs to penetrate into the base layer within 5-10mm, and only after sufficient penetration and consolidation can it play the role of consolidation, connection, sealing and waterproofing. Although ordinary emulsified asphalt is easy to construct and meets the current environmental protection requirements, its permeability is poor. After construction, it may only form a thin oil film on the surface of the base layer, which is easily sticked away by the construction vehicle and cannot play its role. some effect.
Although the permeability of the diluted asphalt can meet the requirements, the amount of kerosene is large and the pollution is serious. Although it has a certain interlayer bonding performance, it has little effect on the consolidation performance and has a serious impact on the asphalt performance. This process has been rarely used after the popularization and application of high-permeability emulsified asphalt.
The high-permeability emulsified asphalt permeable layer combines the simple construction of ordinary emulsified asphalt and the good penetration effect of diluted asphalt, and gradually replaces the above two materials and becomes one of the better materials for permeable layer oil.
In the production of high-permeability emulsified asphalt, anionic asphalt emulsifiers are generally used. Although cationic emulsifiers are more widely used at present, the effect of anionic emulsified asphalt is better than that of cations for the permeability effect required by the permeable layer oil.
Therefore, the permeability, fluidity and adhesion of the material itself need to be considered when selecting the material for the emulsified asphalt permeable layer.