What are the common preventive maintenance measures for asphalt pavement?
August 5, 2022
1. Crack filling
The method is relatively simple. It mainly fills the cracks on the asphalt pavement, and uses a special grooving tool to open a rectangular groove with a certain depth and width along the crack, and then seals the hot-melt polymer through a potting machine. glue into it. With its unique flexibility and superior technical performance of sealant materials, crack filling greatly improves the quality and durability of crack treatment.
2. Surface seal
The surface sealing layer adopts special paving equipment to mix the polymer modified emulsified asphalt, aggregate, mineral powder, water and additives in a reasonable proportion and quickly pave it to form an anti-slip and wear-resistant layer closely combined with the asphalt pavement. It has good wear resistance, skid resistance and sealing performance, can fill ruts up to 30mm deep, play a sealing role on asphalt pavement, and can improve the problem of road skidding in rainy days.
3. Thin layer cover
The thin-layer overlay is to spray a thin layer of high-permeability modified emulsified asphalt on the asphalt surface layer to form a tight waterproof layer to seal the road surface, which plays the role of water-proof and seepage-proof, and ensures the use of the road surface to the greatest extent. It is more suitable for pavement with moderate longitudinal and transverse cracks and loose asphalt pavement.
4. Slurry seal

The slurry seal layer is to mix well-graded mineral materials, filler water, additives and emulsified asphalt in a certain proportion under normal temperature conditions, and then use manual or mechanical methods to spread it evenly on the road surface. A thin layer of 3 to 10 mm is formed to seal the fine cracks of the road surface, delay the occurrence of loose, aging, oxidation and other diseases on the road surface, and improve the driving quality and the appearance of the asphalt road surface.


5. Asphalt pavement recycling technology
Asphalt pavement recycling technology is mainly divided into hot-in-place recycling and cold-in-place recycling. It has been 20 years since the introduction of hot-in-place recycling technology and equipment into China. The concept of pre-maintenance of road products is in line with the prevention and disposal of early diseases of road assets, economical and economical. A good and efficient maintenance concept and maintenance method is one of the high-quality tools of the circular economy.