Performance And Use Of Asphalt Distributor Truck

Asphalt distributor truck is a black pavement construction machine, it is the main equipment for highway, urban road, airport and port construction. When using asphalt penetration method and asphalt layer surface treatment method to build asphalt pavement or maintain asphalt or residual oil pavement, asphalt distributor truck can be used to transport and distribute liquid asphalt (including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residual oil).In addition, it can also supply bituminous binder to the loosened soil on the spot to build asphalt stabilized soil pavement or pavement base.


The intelligent asphalt wine cloth truck is used to build the wine cloth of the permeable oil, waterproof layer and bonding layer of the asphalt pavement of high-grade highways. It can be sprayed with high viscosity modified asphalt, heavy-duty asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc. It can also be used to construct county and township-level highway oil roads where layered paving technology is implemented.

The asphalt spraying is composed of an automobile chassis, an asphalt tank, an asphalt pumping and spraying system, a heat conduction oil heating system, a hydraulic system, a combustion system, a control system, a pneumatic system, and an operating platform.

The working principle of asphalt distributor 

Asphalt spraying device is mainly composed of asphalt pump, asphalt working pipeline, hand spray gun, rear nozzle and rear nozzle lifting device. Its function is to pass the liquid asphalt through the asphalt pump under a certain pressure

Transport through the asphalt pipeline to the rear nozzle or hand spray gun for spraying operations.