How to distinguish the working status of the ignition system of the asphalt mixing plant?
February 22, 2023
Asphalt mixing plant is a kind of equipment used for large-scale production of asphalt mixing materials. The overall components are composed of batching system, drying system, ignition system, granular material supply system, anti-pollution system, etc. Each system is a key component of an asphalt mixing plant.

The work of the fire system of the asphalt mixing plant is very harmful to the whole system, which is related to the rationality of the whole system operation, temperature accuracy, smoke and dust emission and other index values. The following is a brief introduction on how to distinguish the work of the ignition system of the asphalt mixing plant.


Generally speaking, due to the complexity of inspection equipment and methods, the operation of most asphalt mixing plants has not completed the standard. It is convenient, simple and effective to distinguish the working conditions according to a series of relatively vivid elements such as the color, chromaticity, and shape of the flame.
When the ignition system of the asphalt mixing plant is working, when gasoline and diesel fuel are conventionally ignited in the drying drum, customers can observe the flame through the front of the drum. At this time, the middle position of the flame should be in the middle of the drying cylinder. The periphery of the flame is relatively uniform, it is not easy to touch the material layer, and the flame is delicate. All the outlines of the flame are relatively clear, and the exhaust pipe is less likely to emit black smoke. Abnormal operation of the ignition system, such as a large flame diameter, will lead to obvious carbon deposits on the furnace barrel, which will endanger the operation of the ignition system.