What are the advantages of road asphalt?
January 12, 2022

Road asphalt is mainly used in parks, residential roads, villas, sidewalks, squares, botanical gardens, river slope protection, and residential greening. So what are the advantages of road asphalt? Why it is loved and widely used can be explained as follows.
1. Road asphalt permeable roads can restore groundwater, maintain soil moisture, improve the living conditions of urban surface fabrics and soil microorganisms, adjust ecological balance, and benefit urban ecological balance and environmental protection.
2. When concentrated rainfall occurs, it can reduce the burden on urban drainage facilities and is beneficial to urban flood control.

 3. The surface of the colored permeable pavement is generally rough and has a large porosity. It is connected to the soil and can accumulate more heat, which is conducive to adjusting the civilization and humidity of the urban space and reducing the phenomenon of heat islands.
4. A large number of pores can wash away the noise generated by vehicles and create a quiet traffic environment.
5. A large number of voids can absorb urban pollutants and reduce dust pollution.
6. Rainwater directly infiltrates into the ground, and road asphalt is conducive to the growth of urban greening trees and improving the environment.
Secondly, it can prevent water accumulation and road reflection at night, and improve the traffic safety of vehicles and pedestrians.