How to maintain asphalt pavement?
September 22, 2022
After being rolled by vehicles, exposed to wind and sun, and natural disasters, asphalt pavements will be damaged to varying degrees.
For example: cracks, ruts, ground peeling, skidding, subsidence, etc.
In addition to the natural loss of pavement, there are also material quality, improper construction methods, unreasonable construction design, and expansion of damage caused by long-term lack of pavement maintenance.
1. Use cold refills, potting glue, etc. to repair in time
2. If the damage is serious, it is necessary to add high-quality asphalt additives to re-pave the road

3. Strengthen quarterly monitoring of pavement maintenance and pavement damage, and make timely repairs


How to extend the life of asphalt pavement?
1. Strictly control asphalt pavement materials and construction quality
2. Add high-quality asphalt modifiers: anti-stripping agent, anti-rutting agent, SBS modifier, etc. to enhance the quality of asphalt
3. Pay attention to the maintenance of asphalt pavement, and carry out timely remediation and repair of pavement diseases