What are the maintenance techniques for asphalt pavement?
July 18, 2022
(1) Fog sealing layer technology
The main process of fog sealing technology is: using spray equipment to spray emulsified asphalt, asphalt pavement maintenance agent or modified emulsified asphalt and other materials on the asphalt concrete pavement.

The use of this technology can control the micro-cracks generated on the road surface to a certain extent, so that the separated aggregates can be bonded again, which can effectively control the small diseases of the road surface and protect the road surface.


(2) Slurry sealing technology
The principle of slurry sealing process is to mix emulsified asphalt, graded aggregate, water, filler and additives into a slurry mixture according to a certain design ratio, and spread it evenly on the road surface to be treated.
Through the processes of wrapping, demulsification, water separation, evaporation and solidification, it is firmly combined with the original road surface to form a dense, firm, wear-resistant and road surface sealing layer, which greatly improves the performance of the road surface.
(3) Micro-surface technology
The micro-surface technology mixes modified asphalt, mineral powder, additives, water and aggregates in a certain proportion, and then spreads the mixed material on the road surface. Micro-surfacing technology has great advantages in wear resistance and slip resistance.
In addition, it can repair the ruts on the road surface and achieve a better sealing effect. In addition to the sealing layer, the micro-surface technology also has the function of blocking water, which can effectively avoid diseases caused by water infiltration.