What are the characteristics of bag filter?
July 7, 2022
The bag filter is a device used to effectively clean up the emissions in the production process of asphalt mixture. It is usually in bulk and is composed of a base, a shell, an inlet and outlet air chamber, a bag and a pulse.

1. The characteristics of the bag filter. The domestic transportation production industry often uses dust collectors, not only because of the independent production and extended service life of the dust collector, but also because of its other advantages. The specific advantages are: one of the advantages of the bag filter is its dust removal efficiency. High, especially the treatment of sub-micron dust is very good, because its processing object is not very demanding, so the effect of flue gas content and dust content on the dust collector is not very large, so the bag filter can be used. Wide range of applications. In addition, the maintenance and repair of the bag filter is simple and easy to operate.


2. The working principle of the bag filter. The working principle of the bag filter is simple. Usually, the dust in the flue gas can be effectively treated by using its own bag. This treatment method has mechanical control, so it can discharge clean air while intercepting the dust. The intercepted dust will be collected in the funnel, and then discharged through the pipes of the system. The bag filter is easy to operate and easy to disassemble and maintain, so it is widely used in the treatment of emissions.
3. Influencing factors of bag filter. The service life of the bag filter is limited, and in order to prolong the service life of the filter, it is necessary to eliminate the fault in time. There are two factors that often affect the normal use of bag filter, namely dust cleaning frequency and bag management. The frequency of dust removal will affect the service life of the bag filter. If the frequency is too high, the bag of the filter will be damaged. Usually, a layer of filter bed should be applied to the filter bag of the filter to prolong the service life of the filter bag. Insufficient daily care of the bag will also affect the service life of the bag filter. Usually, certain preventive measures must be taken, such as preventing the bag from being wet, preventing the bag from being exposed to direct sunlight, and preventing the bag from deteriorating. In addition, during the operation of the bag, the temperature of the exhaust smoke must reach the normal standard. Only in this way can the efficient operation of the bag filter be ensured and its service life can be extended.