Function and characteristics of slurry seal
September 14, 2021
Due to the erosion of natural climate such as wind, rain, sun and freeze-thaw for many years, the asphalt and mineral materials in the pavement materials continue to produce physical and chemical changes, and gradually reduce their ability to adapt to climate change. In addition, due to the role of vehicles on the pavement, the asphalt pavement will continue to crack, and with the emergence of cracks, It will not only cause the water permeability of the pavement, but also cause the softening of the base course and the emergence of surface pits, so as to deteriorate the road condition, which will reduce the driving speed of vehicles and increase the wear and fuel consumption of vehicles. Therefore, preventive maintenance of asphalt pavement as soon as possible is an important link to protect asphalt pavement, prolong road service life, improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation cost.
Slurry seal construction is generally used as preventive maintenance of pavement.


Slurry seal layer is a layer of seal layer paved on the pavement after mixing continuously graded aggregate, filler, emulsified asphalt and water. Its main functions are waterproof, anti-skid, wear resistance and filling.
Polymer modified softened asphalt slurry seal has been considered as one of the most effective and economical means to repair Road rutting and other pavement diseases.
Micro surfacing is one of the most perfect road maintenance methods. It is a paving technology that uses high molecular polymer to modify emulsified asphalt. It is very effective for the repair of various diseases on urban trunk roads, expressways and airport roads.
Generally, slurry seal coat and micro surfacing technology are constructed by using graded aggregate, emulsified asphalt, filler and water. The difference is that the materials used in the latter are strictly tested and screened, including high molecular polymers and other additives. Therefore, micro surfacing technology has more advantages than others.
Micro surfacing features: fast construction speed, improved pavement anti-skid ability, fast forming, short construction period, operation at room temperature, reduced energy consumption, etc.
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